Would Scottie Pippen Shut Down Some of Today’s Elite Small Forwards?


Scottie Pippen is known for being one of the best defenders the NBA has ever seen, In his 17 seasons in the NBA he was selected to 10 All-Defensive teams with 8-Defensive 1st Teams and ranks 6th in steals all-time (2,307). As good of a denfender as he was, how would his defensive skills match up with some of todays elite Small Forwards?

I don’t mean the 46 year old Scottie Pippen of today because he would get steamrolled if he were to matchup against Lebron James. But the Scottie Pippen when he was at the top of his game. Would be be able to shut down or at least slow down other Small Forwards like Lebron, Carmelo, Kevin Durant and Paul Pierce, all who have been among the NBA’s best scorers in the last decade. Pierce is the oldest of the 4 and his scoring has dipped the last few seasons but has averaged 25ppg or more in 5 seasons of his career. Kevin Durant, Lebron James and Carmelo Anthony are 3 of the to 5 scorers the NBA has today.

Would Kevin Durant be able to get off his spot-up 3 against Scottie Pippen defense? How would Carmelo’s post moves fare against it? Would Lebron Jame’s be able to steamroll over Pip when he drives to the hole? I don’t know but I am very curious to see how well these guys would play offensively if they had to matchup against him for a full series.

Take a look at some of Scottie’s best defensive plays in the link below.




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