Would the Bulls Have Needed Derrick Rose if Jay Williams Never Got Hurt?


Anyone remember this guy in the picture? The 6 ft 2 in Point Guard from Duke University named Jason Williams who averaged 19.2 points per game and 6 assits during his time as a Blue Devil from ’99-02. I was a big fan of him and couldn’t wait to see him play in the NBA. He went on to being the #2 overall pick by the Chicago Bulls in the 2002 NBA Draft behind Yao Ming.

Williams played started 54 times out of 75 games played in his rookie season and averaged 9.5 points and 4.7 assists. Not mind blowing numbers but he had talent the Bulls could eventually build around or he could have been an important piece for Chicago but we will never know. On June 19, 2003 Jason had a motorcycle accident that fractured his pelvis among other injuries and that pretty much ended his career. It was his own fault though because he violated his contract with the Bulls by riding a motorcycle and at that, he was not even wearing a helmet. I’m pretty sure they didn’t teach him to wear a helmet at Duke, but that is just common sense. The Bulls decided to waive him along with giving him $3 million. Not bad, he got paid $3 million to get fired,  I’ll take $3 million to never come back to my job. Now you can see him on ESPN as an analyst for college basketball.


So that makes me wonder, had he never been in that motorcycle accident and played to his full potential woud the Bulls have drafted Derrick Rose 6 years later? Would Williams have ever been that good for the Bulls to keep and build around him the way they are doing with Derrick Rose? Who by the way was the 2011 MVP. Williams probably would not have ever won an MVP Award and he was not as explosive or exciting to watch the way Rose is, but he had great talent. The fact that Derrick Rose won Rookie of the year for the 2008-2009 season and averaged 17 points per game is enough to tell you he is the better player of the two but the topic of the title of this post is a good question for Bulls fans


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