The Consistency of “The Truth”


Say what you want about Paul Pierce, some people hate him and some love him. I am one of those that love him as a player, my top 5 favorite in the NBA the last several years. He has been in the NBA since the ’98-’99 season and remains relevant to the league among the top players in the game. He was easily one of the best scorers in the NBA with 5 seasons averaging 25 points or more.

The fact that he had to share the scoring load with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen is the reason why his scoring has dipped the last 5 years but he remains a constant All-Star year in and year out with 10 All-Star appearances on his resume. Though he has never been a starter in an All-Star game he is reguarly voted in by coaches which says a lot about his game. At age 34, it is only expected that he slows down a bit and cannot put up the big scoring numbers as often as he once did, but like they say on Inside the NBA, “You can’t beat father time”. His numbers remain solid though. Last season he averaged 19.4 points, 5.2 rebounds and had one of his best passing seasons averaging 4.5 assists.

He always seems to fly under the radar because he was never as flashy as his peers like his draft mate (my favorite player), Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, Tracy McGrady earlier in his career and even Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, or Dwyane Wade when those guys came into the league but has always been able to play at the top of his game against those guys. He outplayed Kobe Bryant in my opinion in the 2008 Finals to win his first Championship and Finals MVP and even went as far to say the he himself was the best player in the world after winning it all. Whether you like him or not, you have to give the guy credit for still being able to play at a high level. It’s clearly true that he is, well “The Truth”. Here is a Paul Pierce mix below


-Donovan Corzo


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