Could Tonight’s Matchup be and NBA Finals Preview?

I’ve already predicted this season as I did last that the Miami Heat will win the NBA Title. I also called that it would be an OKC-MIA matchup, and this wasn’t in the spring time when I said it, it was when OKC was 5-0. I remember talking to someone on the phone saying, “It is going to be OKC vs Miami in the finals this year, watch.” Now I’m not going to make any predictions just yet who it is going to be from the West to play the defending champs in the Finals but tonight we have an interesting matchup between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Miami Heat. Exciting to say the least when you have Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, DeAndre Jordan, Lebron James, and  Dwyane Wade on the court at the same time. Wait, we can’t forget All-Star Chris Bosh and sharp shooter Ray Allen. 

Let’s start with the Clippers who are currently 5-2 out West which is 4th place in the conference with impressive wins over the Lakes and Spurs. It is still  early and I see them getting as high as 2nd or 3rd when it’s all said and done. They lost a couple of games that they should have won (Golden State, Cleveland) but since then have been on a 3 game winning streak and they are winning with defense, holding the last 3 opponents to just 83.3 points per game and allowing them to shoot just 43% from the floor.  They are one of 3 teams averaging 10 or more steals per game, New York being #1 and Memphis in 3rd. They have a great front court in Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Blake Griffin had been a little quiet up to this point in the season averaging just 15.7 points and 8.3 rebounds but the scoring has been balanced with 6 players averaging double figures with Jamal Crawford leading the way at 20.3 points a game and Chris Paul getting 17. The 5-2 start is great but there are 75 games left and there are still at least 4-5 other teams out West that can compete. San Antonio who is 7-1, Memphis can make noise, Dallas when healthy can make another run, the Lakers if they get it together and of course, OKC who are the defending Western Conference Champs. We just have to wait and see but so far the Clippers are the top team in L.A. and are looking to make a serious run out West to be contenders.


The Miami Heat are 6-2 and 2nd in the East behind the 5-0 Knicks, which could be a potential Eastern Conference Finals matchup. I think that would be the most watched series in the playoffs, but that’s beside the point. Now that the burden is off their backs the Miami Heat know what it takes to win an NBA Title. As I stated earlier in the post, the Heat will win the NBA Title this year which would be a repeat. Anytime you have the collection of players they already had and then adding Ray Allen with Rashard Lewis, your chances of winning again don’t go down.

Tonight’s matchup will be a good one and who knows, we may see these 2 in the NBA Finals this year, I could be wrong but then again I am not making any definite predictions out West just yet.


-Donovan Corzo



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