Comparing Lebron James and Michael Jordan’s 4th MVP Award.

mj 96lebron

Lebron James is now a 4-time MVP award winner receiving 120 out of 121 votes and is 1 away from tying Michael Jordan with 5. Michael Jordan won his 4th MVP award in his 11th season and Lebron James received the award in his 10th. Lebron James, 28 years old won the award 5 years younger than Jordan who was 33 when he won his 4th MVP, but let’s not forget that Lebron came into the league right out of high school. If Lebron continues his league dominance for another 5-7 years he can easlily pass Jordan in MVP awards unless somebody else receives it just because Lebron could win it every year as Jordan could have and the NBA feels someone else needs a fair shot. I think Lerbron James will finish his career winning the MVP 7 times, that’s just my prediction. Let’s take a look how their 4th MVP seasons compare.


In the 95-96 season Michael Jordan not only won the MVP but led the league in scoring with 30.4 ppg to lead the Bulls to an all-time NBA best 72-10 record and is widely conisidered to be the greatest NBA team of all-time. They went on to win the NBA Championship in 6 games vs the Seattle Supersonics. Lebron James finished the 2012-2013 season 4th in the league in scoring at 26.8 and led the Heat to an NBA best 66-16 record to go along with a historic run winning 27 straight games which is 2nd all-time behind the ’71-’72 Lakers who won 33 straight. If you look at the other statistics of both seasons, Lebron averaged more rebounds (8.0) than Jordan (6.6) but Lebron has always been a better rebounder than Jordan due to his size. He also averaged 3 more assists at 7,3 compared to 4.3 for MJ. Lebron shot better from the field, connecting on a remarkable 56.5% of his shots compared to 49.5% for Jordan who was better from 3-point land hitting 42.7% from the arc to Lebron’s 40.6% They were both dominant the defensive end. MJ made the NBA All-Defenive First Team, a feat that he accomplished 9-times and Lebron finished 2nd place for Defensive Player of the Year, losing to Marc Gasol of the Memphis Grizzlies. They were pretty close in steals with 2.2 and 1.9, giving Jordan the edge.

They both had brilliant seasons but because this season is not over yet and the Miami Heat are on the quest to win their 2nd straight NBA title, this arguement would probably be better after the season is done if you want to look at the over all individual and team success. Some may give the nod to MJ on the team record alone and some may say Lebron had the better year by looking at his overall game. That’s up to you to decide.




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